The Kelly Foundation offers grants
to like-minded organizations
working in the greater Sacramento region

Children, Youth Assistance & Education
Food Insecurity
Health and Human Services

Conservation, Open Space and Climate

The Kelly Foundation has a long history of recognition and support
for the vitality and prosperity of the Greater Sacramento area.

We envision a region where everyone has a chance to live in a safe and affordable home, has access to meaningful work, a sustainable environment, healthy food, and quality education, where each person’s ability to thrive is connected to the well-being of the community.

A few of the projects the Kelly Foundation has recently supported:

Conservation, Open Space and Climate →Western Rivers Conservancy's Estero de San Antonio Dillon Beach Ranch

This estuary provides important habitat for a vast array of fish, birds, insects, plants, and animals, many of them rare. Within this vibrant coastal refuge, Western Rivers Conservancy has the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to conserve a 466-acre property called Dillon Beach Ranch and remove the threat of private development. The property makes up the entire southern shore of the estuary (about 1.5 miles) and another mile and a half of the Pacific coastline. The goal of this project is conserving a fragile coastal estuary for imperiled fish and wildlife north of San Francisco.

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Conservation, Open Space and Climate →Headwaters Science Institute's Introduction to Research Outdoor School Program

Headwaters has strived to help kids not only understand how to do research but to access the confidence to complete research independently and to ask questions about the natural world. With a mission of fostering curiosity through science, it is our hope that students will not only become intrigued by these scientific discoveries but will begin to question the greater world around them.

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Food Insecurity →Eat Well, Age Well Yolo County

MOW Yolo serves all of Yolo County, with services aimed primarily at adults age 60+ who are very low/low/moderate income and experiencing food insecurity and isolation as they strive to age in place healthfully. Food insecurity can take several forms for this population, and for many local seniors it’s a combination of several circumstances: can’t afford groceries/healthy meal selections, lack of transportation and/or physical inability to shop for food, physical inability to prepare groceries as healthy meals, lack of adequate food preparation facilities/equipment.

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