Frequently Asked Questions

What is your average grant amount?

The average grant is approximately $10,000, but varies depending on the project and need.

What are your grant application deadlines?

This information is in the Guidelines. The application deadlines are January 15, April 15, July 15 and October 15.

Does your application change?

The Kelly Foundation Application is updated quarterly. Please complete the most current application available.

Can I hand deliver my completed application?

All applications are completed through our grant portal, on the Kelly Foundation website.

Is there a particular format for giving program updates if I have been previously awarded a grant?

Although the Follow Up form is only required to be submitted once per year, the Board is always excited to receive updates. Feel free to submit an additional follow up form, or send updates and pictures to

Who are the members of the Kelly Foundation?

The Kelly Foundation is comprised of members of the Kelly family, some Executives and Board members of River City Bank and well-regarded members of the Greater Sacramento Community.

What geographical area do organizations that receive grants from the Kelly Foundation serve?

Although there are exceptions, usually the organizations that receive grants from the Kelly Foundation serve the Greater Sacramento Area and Northern California Region.