About the Kelly Foundation

Brothers Jon and Bob Kelly established the Kelly Foundation in December 1988 as the formal vehicle for making charitable contributions to the communities in which they lived for much of their lives and achieved tremendous success in business. In 2009 the River City Bank Foundation merged with the Kelly Foundation.

Mission Statement

The Kelly Foundation has a long history of recognition and support for the vitality and prosperity of the Greater Sacramento area. We envision a region where everyone has a chance to live in a safe and affordable home, has access to meaningful work, a sustainable environment, healthy food, and quality education, where each person’s ability to thrive is connected to the well-being of the community.



We understand and value community partnerships as the vital component to thriving neighborhoods.


We respond rapidly to urgent and essential needs in our community.

Character and Integrity

We believe character and integrity are the foundation on which to build relationships; being honest, authentic, and consistent.


We support moving the needle on positive social change through mutual accountability.


We approach our work with an open mind and commit to showing kindness and empathy to others.


We believe innovation fosters growth of ideas and inspires creative and critical thinking. “Thinking outside the box.”

Focus Areas

Icon for Children, Youth Assistance & Education

Children, Youth Assistance & Education


To advance access to quality education, training for meaningful work, and mental wellness support for children and youth.


Provide a pathway to basic needs, education, mental wellness, and career success for children and youth of all abilities.

Icon for Food Insecurity

Food Insecurity


Invest in strengthening of the food system, including supporting effective community partnerships, to ensure access to healthy and nutritious food so no one goes hungry.


Support innovative solutions and increased coordination, addressing and reducing food insecurity.

Icon for Homelessness



Support a system of proven and effective interventions, programs and services for the unhoused.


An improved and responsive system that makes an impact on the welfare of our community.

Icon for Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services


Support a strong healthcare system that protects the community as a whole, with an emphasis on access to mental/behavioral health and substance abuse services.


Improved coordination and increased access to healthcare services for those with the least access and opportunity.

Icon for Conservation, Open Space and Climate

Conservation, Open Space and Climate


To conserve and protect the future of our physical environment and our communities.


To support conservation, awareness and sustainable management of California’s environment, wildlife, natural habitat, open space, wetlands, watersheds, forests and trees, for both natural and recreational uses.

Funding Strategy

Emergency Grants will always remain available as needed, and always approved by Board Vote.