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Headwaters Science Institute
Introduction to Research Outdoor School 


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About Headwaters Science Institue

Since 2014 Headwaters has strived to help kids not only understand how to do research but to access the confidence to complete research independently and to ask questions about the natural world. With a mission of fostering curiosity through science, it is our hope that students will not only become intrigued by these scientific discoveries but will begin to question the greater world around them. We aim to create informed citizens who blossom when faced with opportunities to positively impact society through engagement, curiosity, and applications of the scientific method.

Introduction to Research Outdoor School

Funding from the Kelly Foundation will be used to partner with schools serving high numbers of low-income and BIPOC students in and around Sacramento during the spring and fall of 2024. Schools that have reached out to us and expressed an interest in this opportunity include Community Outreach Academy, Feather River Charter School, St. Hope Public School, Davinci Charter School, Maidu Central Charter, and California Middle School. A grant of $15,000 will go toward the program costs to provide this opportunity for 100 total students from Sacramento being able to take advantage of this opportunity over the next year.

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