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Easter Seals Superior California’s
Four Day Program

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About Easter Seals Superior California

The primary goal of the Easter Seals is for people with disabilities to have equal opportunity to live, learn work and play in their community. Easter Seals is leading the way to full equity, inclusion and access through life-changing disability and community services. They envision all people having choices and opportunities to reach their potential.

Re-Opening Four Day Program Facilities

The primary objective of the project is to re-open Four Day Program Facilities serving adults with developmental disabilities. After three years of closure, it was discovered that work and resources were required to re-open the facilities to licensing specifications and new COVID-19 regulations: equipment left unused requires maintenance or replacement; plumbing, electrical, and emergency items all need attention before re-opening. Further, new codes governing Adults with Developmental Disabilities facilities such as PPE, hand sanitizer stations, consistent janitorial services and air purifiers will incur a large cost for each of the four facilities.

Participants at the Easterseals Superior California Rodeo