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Employment-Readiness and Subleasing Programs

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About Women’s Empowerment

Women’s Empowerment has four main goals:

  1. Meet basic needs of women and children who are homeless
  2. Empower women with tools to secure stable employment or enroll in school
  3. Provide resources and advocacy so women can find a home
  4. Empower graduates with advanced paid training and job retention services.

By preparing Sacramento women experiencing homelessness with a job-readiness program, emotional support and case management, and assistance through transportation, childcare and more, women form a sisterhood of support that allows them greater opportunity.  Women and children find stability, allowing children to become better students with abundant opportunity who can provide for the next generation.

Employment-Readiness and Subleasing Programs

With the prolonged housing crisis, program graduates must earn $26/hour and have a credit score of 650 to qualify for a 1-bedroom apartment in Sacramento. Graduates need housing they can afford with mid to entry-level salaries so they can retain jobs, secure promotions, rebuild credit and qualify for market–rate housing. This project provides the critical bridge they need.

  • Objective 1: Provide workforce development and wraparound services to women experiencing homelessness in the initial 8-week employment-readiness program, as well as graduates, so they can secure and maintain a job, climb the career ladder and earn more.
  • Objective 2: Provide 40 women and children with affordable workforce housing for up to 2 years through the innovative subleasing program.

This ensures that women who graduate from the program have a commitment of rental affordability. The 8-week program is offered quarterly. Women meet with a Women’s Empowerment social worker to address their unique barriers, and with a job developer to prepare for and find jobs, a housing specialist to find and keep housing, and a credit repair specialist to improve financial health. Those who graduate without jobs and/or housing continue work with the Women’s Empowerement program team.